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I like designing characters, illustrating, fanarting, and sketching.

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Hachi, a reincarnated soldier of Heaven, reawakens his power when he is hunted by a Spirit. He finds out that this Spirit was once a fellow soldier—a traitor. He must search for the other soldiers before that traitor kills them so they may all have a chance to reawaken to their heavenly purpose.

 A deity is reborn into a mortal. Depending on your point of view, it either becomes a trapped deity or an enlightened mortal. Or even a deity freed of its immortal duties.

Masks were my starting point along with the cultural role they play. Masks transform the wearer into a deity. In my story, the mask enrolls the human with more than the appearance. It holds their “superpowers.” These powers are not given but born with them, and reawakened.

I also wanted to form a special team, all of them different, each one uniquely mixed from different cultures, forming new ones. Not only were their personalities different, but so were their backgrounds and origins.

But they were all mortal. They are mortal reincarnations of heavenly spirits. They are meant to be something they cannot remember. Limited by mortal human memory, they cannot recall what they were consistently born for.

The immortal duty becomes a burden on a simple mortal life. A few will slowly start to disregard their forgotten task. Others have already thrown it away—not out of selfishness, but out of frustration for being tied into something they never had a say in. They realize it was never about a choice, but it was their very nature to be what they are: Guardians of the spirits.

Those are the ideas that got me started on this project. The characters have become lighter toned and there is more solid plot developing but I usually don’t really start anything until I know the ending. I’m one of those people who know the beginning and end of their story. The fun part is finding out the middle.  

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